World Craft Week!

Love knitting? Love sewing? Love crochet? You know what else you’re going to love? World Craft Week! 🙂 Don’t adjust your glasses and don’t pinch yourself because, yes, you are reading this correctly. A WHOLE week dedicated to crafts! Even if Tom Hardy should happen to pop round, I’m afraid I’ll have to tell him to come back next week because I’m going to be busy crafting (actually, I wouldn’t be adverse to him sitting on the sofa holding my knitting needles!).

So, World Craft Week, what is it? Well, as the name suggests its a week dedicated to whatever craft takes your fancy. The aim is to raise money by holding a Craft4Bliss morning where every penny raised goes to the charity Bliss. Founded in 1979, the charity supports families with babies in neonatal care as well as being involved in neonatal research and providing training to help improve care for premature or poorly babies.

To take part visit

Alternatively go to

Happy Crafting!