New York, New York!

“Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you” said Ms Swift and yes, it did feel like it’d been waiting for us to get there. Our October half term was spent in the city that, as we found out, literally never sleeps. Ever! We stayed in the lovely Hilton Double Tree Suites Hotel in the middle of Times Square and you could look out of the window at 3am and still see people wandering around but then what else do you expect from a city where the stores don’t close until 1am?!? Nothing weirder than a Disney Store full of really small children at midnight 🙂 Everyone and I mean everyone has asked the same question ‘what was the food like?’. Well, I’m more than happy to confirm that the food was absolutely, amazingly gorgeous. The portions were ginormous and if I only recommend one restaurant, it has to be Juniors on Broadway. Ha, who am I kidding, I can’t just recommend one restaurant. Listen, if you’re in New York City and you need breakfast then you need to visit Westway Diner. You think I’m exaggerating with my use of ‘need’ in italics but I’m not. This little hidden gem is just superb. Don’t be put off by the slightly 70s-esque decor, instead take note of the queues to get in because that’s a true sign of a good place to eat 🙂 The prices were excellent, the service was spot on and the food just spoke for itself (ooh and I swear that Johnny Mathas is now a waiter there!) Ok, so if you’re in NYC and you’re in need of lunch then Potbelly’s is the place to go. Fancy a philly cheese steak sandwich or mac ‘n’ cheese oozing with extra cheese? Potbelly’s is for you. Anyway, enough about food, let me tell you of all the other brilliant places we went, starting with the truly iconic Empire State Building. King Kong definitely got it right when he decided to visit this attraction 😂 To beat the queues we went before breakfast and as such, we didn’t need to queue at all. The views were everything they had promised to be and then some. Chilly at the top though! Next on the list of sights to see was the 9/11 memorial which was utterly surreal. To think that all these people were there purely because of such a terrible disaster was just mind blowing. The museum was unlike anything I’d ever seen, so quiet and calm but so incredibly sad. My words will never do it justice so all I can say is go and see it. Moving on from the memorial, we took a walk to the financial district and walked alongside the Hudson River where we had lovely views of the Statue of Liberty. Speaking of which, we never actually went to see the infamous statue! Not because we didn’t want to but more because it’s a nightmare trying to get tickets. Also, it’s weeny in real life. Weeny! 🙂 Another place we visited was the Intrepid: Air, Sea, Space museum which is definitely not just for the children. Based by the river, over in Hells Kitchen, this museum is out of this world. To begin with you can go down inside of an ex army submarine where we were able to also meet a former navy member who worked on board and who is was really informative and interesting to listen to. Afterwards, you go into the museum which is actually an ex aircraft carrier that’s now permanently moored. Let me start by saying the sheer size of this boat will mess with your head. I’ve never seen anything quite this huge that’s still afloat 🙂 oh and to add to the head messing, on the second floor is a space rocket! Yes, a real life, real sized, absolutely mentally massive space rocket. A space rocket inside of a boat! If that doesn’t blow your mind, I’m not sure what will 🙂 There’s not just a space rocket either, there’s also helicopters, planes, fighter jets and many many more real life vehicles. Completely worth the admission price and if you only go one place in NYC then you should make it this one. Next up was Brooklyn Bridge which was just over a mile of utter gorgeousness followed by Grand Central Station and St Patrick’s Cathedral. So, what else to do in New York?!? It’s got to be shopping of course! Macy’s, Saks, Barnes & Noble, Target(!), Sephora, Old Navy, M&M world, Herscheys, Disney Store, Kiehls ….. as we found out, you’ll need another suitcase to take home all the bargains you’ll find 🙂

New York, it’s been amazing and I can’t wait to see you again next time!


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