Seed Stitch

Probably my all time favourite stitch when it comes to knitting, seed stitch is one of those things that looks really complicated but is actually super simple. It provides texture and density to what could otherwise be a fairly bland pattern. Add to that that seed stitch is an incredibly versatile stitch, suitable for all sorts of projects and whats not to like?!? 🙂

Wondering if you could work the seed stitch? Well, if you can knit and purl (I’m going to presume you can!) then the answer is yes! It’s as simple as this …..

  1. Cast on an even number of stitches.
  2. Row 1 – k1, p1 to the end of the row.
  3. Row 2 – p1, k1 to the end of the row
  4. Repeat until the end of the project.

The end result is a beautiful texture of little tiny bumps that look as though they were scattered by the wind.

Enjoy the seed stitch! 🙂


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