If anyone ever tells you that you have too much fabric in your stash then immediately stop speaking to them, you don't need that sort of negativity in your life! Sewing, whether its embroidery, cross stitch or quilting is one of those things that yes, you will be mocked mercilessly for if you do it in public but heck, what goes on behind closed doors is your own private business 🙂 For those that aren't yet converted to the tranquility that sewing brings, I have only one thing to say; you are seriously missing out. So stop reading this post, take yourself to the nearest Hobbycraft and run amok in the haberdashery section. Throw caution to the wind and spend this weeks grocery money on as much fabric as your arms can carry, then sit back and watch as you turn some fat quarters into something unique that nobody else has but everybody wants!

English Paper Piecing