Specs appeal

Rosie H-W, Victoria Beckham, my mother-in-law. What do they all have in common?They all wear glasses and they all look great in them. Some people can wear anything and look amazing but before we begin this story, let me point out that I’m not one of them (not self-deprecating, just fact!) So, anyway, it all started 6 weeks ago when Iris decided to share her conjunctivitis with me ….. that was kind wasn’t it! 🙂 A week of gunky, itchy, blurry eyes crawled by, during which time my normal activities were somewhat hindered by my lack of vision. But, that was ok because as soon as the gunkiness stopped then normal service would be resumed, yes? Uh ….. no! Normal service was not resumed, if anything my sight seemed even worse. Reading a book was proving a little awkward, watching television was definitely difficult (not that there’s much on anyway) and I couldn’t even see to thread a needle, let alone actually sew anything so there was only one option: take a trip to the opticians and get it sorted like a proper grown up. Or in my case, be practically dragged there kicking and screaming because in my own words “there’s nothing wrong with my eyes” (note that I said this whilst talking to a chair that looked vaguely like the outline of my husband 🙂 #onlyjoking).

Anyway, I eventually made it to the opticians where they did their usual array of sight-related tests and I sat there smugly, thinking I’d get a prescription for eye drops and that’d be that ….. my goodness, I’m obviously not the little Miss know-it-all I think I am because I didn’t get a prescription for eye drops but a prescription for glasses! Turns out that having conjunctivitis was just a coincidence and my wonky eyesight was due to an undiagnosed astigmatism in one eye. Well I didn’t see that coming (excuse the pun). Now, if you’re a supermodel then I imagine that wearing glasses would be seen as cute and it’d add to your allure but I’m not sure I have a face you want to draw too much attention to, cue much talk from me of “I’m not wearing glasses, I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not wearing glasses” and then came the really bad talk. The talk of getting rid of my beautiful sewing machine, getting shot of my knitting needles and donating my books to the charity shop. That’s how determined I was that I wasn’t wearing glasses! If I only needed them for concentrating work then it was simple, I wouldn’t do any concentrating work. Only problem with that was, well, if I don’t do those things then I’m just not me. I knit, I sew, I read (avidly), I search for missing people and I code and I can’t do any of those things if I can’t see so ….. glasses it is!

My first day of wearing glasses and it’s amazing, I can see! 🤓I may not have known that I needed them but I’m sure as hell glad I got them. Everything’s gone from a little blurry to crystal clear, plus, although it didn’t turn me into a supermodel, they actually don’t look too awful. Time to rock some geek chic!

My Mumma-in-law looking gorgeous in her specs!




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