So ….. it’s been a while! Sorry about that but when it’s hotter than the sun outside then do we really want to be sitting at our Macs? No is the simple answer. I love making things and I love writing about making things but when it’s officially the hottest summer since 1961 then I can be forgiven for putting everything else on the back burner. Anyway, I promised a while ago that I’d post something every couple of weeks (worked out well eh?) so let’s start again and mean it this time 🙂

It isn’t that I haven’t been doing anything, more that my brain has had way too much sun and temporarily lost its ability to form coherent sentences, let alone post them in a blog! So, what have I been up to?!? Well, I’m now the proud owner of Tilly & the Buttons book 1 and 2 which has meant I’ve gone full on crazy for Margot pyjama pants and have made them in numerous different colours as well as experimenting with both drawstring and elasticated waists. The latter is definitely winning at the moment 🙂 I’ve made a beautiful Bettine skirt in a denim style fabric which gave me nightmares when it came to the gathers but turned out wonderfully in the end. I’ve realised though that if it wasn’t my superstitious side then I’d get so much more done. Anyone else afraid to sew on a Sunday because somebody somewhere once said you shouldn’t pick up a needle on a ‘day of rest’? No? Just me then!

The end of May resulted in Kiki being admitted to hospital suddenly which in turn, led me to knit ALL night and funnily enough, broke knitting for me! I literally knitted til my hands hurt and I’ve barely knitted since. The fact it’s so warm outside hasn’t helped on the yarn front though. Who wants to be handling wool when it’s hot enough to fry bacon on the car roof!

Other projects have included finishing my French knot heart embroidery, taking up trousers, adding zippers, baking several birthday cakes (it’s birthday season don’t you know), painting bedrooms, drawing ‘doodles’, reading so many books, visiting Warwick and attempting to sand all the woodwork in the house ready for redecorating. Like I said, I’ve definitely been doing things! 🙂


Until next time ……


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