Bow-tiful hair bows!

I’m in the fortunate position of having 3 daughters, however this also means I’m in the unfortunate position of hearing the same cries every morning “I can’t find a hairbow…..”. Strange how we live in a house overflowing with glitter, unicorns and every other girly item known to man and yet we can never find a bow when ones needed. The love child of Columbo and Sherlock couldn’t solve the hairbow conundrum so are we going to A) run riot in Claire’s Accessories until our baskets are overflowing or B) make our own?!? Unless you’re new to craftymrsriley you’ll know that option A was never an option for tight-arse me so let’s get going with Option B …..

Ideal for using up scraps, these bows are simple to make, lovely to look at and they only cost pennies to make!

  1. Choose some pretty, contrasting scraps from your scrap pile. Poly cotton is a good choice but feel free to use practically any type of fabric, even denim or velvet would work well.
  2. Decide how big you’d like your bow to be and draw the corresponding rectangle onto some thin card.
  3. Draw another, slightly smaller rectangle also onto thin card and cut out both.
  4. Using a fabric marker, draw around the larger rectangle onto the wrong side of the first fabric. Do this twice.
  5. Cut around both of your drawn rectangles with pinking shears, leaving approximately 1/4″ seamage.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 using the smaller rectangle and the contrasting fabric.
  7. Place the first two rectangles right side to right side and machine sew from the top left hand corner down, along and back up to the top right hand corner ensuring you leave one end of the rectangle unsewn.
  8. Repeat step 7 for the smaller rectangles of fabric.
  9. Turn both sewn rectangles inside out so they are right side out and hand stitch the unsewn ends together using the mattress stitch.
  10. Place the smaller rectangle on top of the larger rectangle leaving an even space all the way around.
  11. With a double threaded needle, find the middle of the rectangles and starting at the bottom sew a line of 4 or 5 large running stitches up to the top.
  12. Pull the thread taut so the fabric bunches up. Both rectangles should now be joined in the middle. Without cutting the thread and still keeping the thread taut, wrap it around the centre of the bow a couple of times and knot.
  13. Using the pinking shears, cut a narrow strip of contrasting fabric and wrap it around the middle of the bow, covering the thread. Secure the first end with a hot glue gun and then place another dab of glue to join the other end.
  14. The final step is to place a couple of dabs of glue onto an alligator grip and place the bow on top, remembering to press firmly whilst the glue cools.
  15. Ooh look, we made a bow and, as with all the best crafty work, the possibilities are endless! Ah, the final final stage is to pass it on to a little girl who needs a hairbow which in this house shouldn’t be too hard a task! 🙂