It’s a wrap …..

Oh my goodness, there were so many different puns I could have used for the title but well, it’s a wrap so ….. 🙂
Unless you’re completely devoid of social media accounts or you’ve been living on Mars for the last 6 months you cannot have failed to notice the hype surrounding none other than the Skye Wrap. Now as beautifully simplistic as it is, I’ve noticed hundreds of people all asking the same question ‘How do I make it?’. As you may have noticed from other posts, it pains me to spend money on patterns when I can figure them out by myself instead so here’s my take on the Skye Wrap.

1. To get this started you’re going need an outer fabric and an inner fabric. I used coat fabric in grey for my outer and some gorgeous feather patterned cotton in navy from Rose and Hubble for my inner. You’ll also need 5 buttons and matching thread (Guttermans is a joy to work with).

2. For all you ‘normal’ sized people you’ll need approximately 100cm x 170cm of both inner and outer fabric. I, on the other hand, am 5ft nothing so because of my Borrower-esque proportions I had to make mine quite a bit smaller 🙂 What I’m trying to say is, just fiddle about with the sizing until you have something that fits your own shape. As long as you end up with two rectangles of the same dimensions then you can’t go wrong.

3. Once you’ve washed, dried and ironed your fabric, lay both pieces right side to right side and, using a quarter inch seam allowance, sew along one long side, down the first short side, along the next long side and then about 2/3rds of the way up the next short side.

4. With the remaining third still unsewn turn the whole thing the right way out. You’ll need to hand sew the opening closed using the mattress stitch.

5. Press, press and press again. This pattern does not like wrinkles and crinkles!

6. The final step is to pop your buttons on. Hold the two ends of the wrap together, leaving adequate room for it to go over your head and sew your buttons on with even spacing in-between. I’ve sewn mine on so as to join the two sides of the wrap but you could try with button holes or poppers to make getting it on easier.

So, there we go. You’ve now made a simple but lovely looking wrap and you’ve saved £5. No need to thank me! 🙂