WIDN? No, I haven’t fallen asleep with my head on the keyboard again, for those of you not on Instagram WIDN means What I’m Doing Now or in other words which project am I working on, so brace yourselves, it’s rather a long list! At this moment I’ve got a knitted throw on my needles, an EPP (English Paper Piecing) cushion cover, a sock on my DPNs, an Attic24 crochet ripple blanket and then I decided to completely remake this site into more of a blog style affair rather than just a ‘how to’ guide. Madness? Quite possibly! Worth it? Most definitely. I have to admit that I’m a little in love with this whole WordPress malarkey.

Knitted throw is cast on and ready to go

Admittedly it’s only been 24 hours but after the initial bout of sheer frustration (I’ve never used WordPress before) there followed the whole lightbulb moment when everything suddenly clicked and I was off like a rabbit down a drainpipe! 🙂 So I think we’ll make this first post short but sweet and finish up by saying one word: FEEDBACK! Let me know what you think ….. good or bad. Leave me a comment or contact me on the Connect page.


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